Sounds: Dust of Us // The Swans

“The Swans” is a work of otherworldy beauty woven by a trickster god with a penchant for stupefying surprises. Coming from the sacred creative energy shared between siblings Ed and Lloyd Prescott, aka Dust of Us, “The Swans” is the union of both melancholy and joy. The crystalline vocals are a looking glass into the pains of aging and the losses that stab into the hearts of men, while the musical is as awe-inspiring as any mountain view.

The song opens with the vibe of a light and intricate metal song, ready to drop into heavy guitars and screaming vocals, then, with a turn of the hand, it blossoms into a dynamic, textured indie-pop dreamland. This suprising turn is so unexpected, George R.R. Martin could have written it, but the transition is so perfect, it feels like warming your heart beside a campfire.

Sydney-based “Dust of Us” were produced by Matt Neighbour, who also produced legends the Avalanches and Courtney Barnett. “The Swans” is just the beginning of a long scenic journey through sound.

Embark below.

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