Sounds: Tin Can Telescope // All You Gotta Do

Danish garage rock band Tin Can Telescope sounds a lot like four guys with Peter Pan syndrome – an inability to grow up or engage in behavior usually associated with adulthood – caught in limbo between being a kid and the adult “just kidding.” Their recent release, “All You Gotta Do,” explores this theme of juvenile freedom with surf-punk pangs of feeling old and young at the same time and slowly losing touch with the past generations.

When singer and bassist Sejer Villadsen was asked to describe the song in three words, he replied: “thrown into adulthood.” That pretty much sums up most of us, regardless of age.

Tin Can Telescope has been critically acclaimed in Danish music media and has played at some of the largest festivals in Denmark. Known for their energetic live concerts, the band’s attitude can best be described as a mixture of garage glam and spirited surf rock with a touch of color that goes beyond the grays of modern life.

As the song goes, “It was just a phase / You’re an adult now.” Take a look back at your life and give “All You Gotta Do” a listen right here:

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