Sounds: The Pretty Visitors // Other Side

English band The Pretty Visitors release “Other Side,” a song about the quest for love on a drunken night out. Originally forming in 2012, The Pretty Visitors have supported musicians such as Circa Waves, Jaws, The Family Rain, and Sisteray (to name a few).

After two years of successful festival appearances and shows, the band split in 2014 before reforming in 2018, re-visiting the music scene one killer jam at a time. “Other Side” is old school indie rock meets garage punk, reminiscent of groups like Royal Blood, Arctic Monkeys, and Brooklyn’s Meansiders.

“Other Side” incarnates the pursuit to take someone home on a drunken night out…resulting in heartache and losing one’s mind.

“Two for a five-er and

I thought that I might’ve

Been in for an all nighter

I reach for a consolation cigarette

But the girl’s fuckin’ taken my lighter.”

The bewildered rock ‘n roll single from The Pretty Visitors hits with meaty guitar riffs and shadowy vocals before building into the song’s psychedelic guitar crescendo; Proving that their lust for, well—lust, has only resulted in anguish and distress. Rock on.

“Other Side” eventually grooves into a transitive bridge that soothes the listener, only to have reality strike and the riff explode. The song ends, and The Pretty Visitors get the last say.

Listen to this summer’s indie rock anthem “Other Side” below:

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