Sounds: WASI // What Is Riot Pop?

-Los Angeles-based indie pop band WASI has to be one of the coolest finds of 2019. The group’s unique approach to music and overarching message of equality and love translates through their latest release, “What Is Riot Pop?,” inviting listeners into “their utopia of love, liberation and a questioning of the status quo.”

The first single off of their upcoming debut alum, Riot Pop, WASI timed the release of the album to celebrate pride month, chronicling the stream of consciousness of a rebel who fights to love themselves more than anything, but kicked things off with “What Is Riot Pop?” The anthemic song is a warcry for anyone who’s ever felt like an outsider, blending the tender pop sensibilities of Tegan and Sara with the reckless rebellion of The Clash.

“[What Is Riot Pop] is about the dichotomy of being present for the chaotic world we live in until the chaos takes over your soul,” the bands says of the song. “The lyrics capture a moment where we find some kind of serenity in a life that is so unstable.”

Between frontwoman Jessie Meehan’s work with the ACLU to create a nationwide gender-inclusive policy with Walgreens and fellow band member – and Jessie’s partner, Merilou Salazar’s – rad creation, Women Fuck Shit Up Fest LA, the group’s commitment to celebrating love, art, and authenticity is unrivaled, and we’re 100% obsessed.

Stream “What Is Riot Pop?” and escape the normalcy here:

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