Video x Premiere: Baby FuzZ // Mr. Blu

So stoked to be sitting here at a Think coffee in NYC, premiering this new video from the lovecats Baby FuzZ. I’ve been following them for some time now, and while I’m bummed to say I didnt get a chance to see them at SXSW, there were posters all over Austin announcing their arrival. And, boy have they arrived.

The video follows a story of an emo magician at a retirement home who has the magical ability to make everyone’s wildest dreams come true. And there’s a horse in it — which, let’s be serious, more videos need horses.

I also had the pleasure of seeing them at a Concertpass event and seriously Baby FuzZ is everything this world didn’t realize it needed. Watch the video below and stay away from redeyes (flights and coffee, and in my case, both) xx.

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