Interview x Giggly Boys // NYC

Brooklyn -based band Giggly Boys play songs that make you want to slam beers, toke up, and dance around in a mosh pit of frustration and contentment.  Made up of Mark Craig, Mike Zorman, Erik Schwertfeger, and Bryan Keller, they are self-described as “just some boys out to make some noise.”  Having just released their latest 7” titled “Another Fine Batch of Snappy Little Numbers,” the boys took time between band practice to answer all of our questions about their latest 7” release, band van smells, and the hypothetical Giggly Boys Pokémon character:

Where did you record your latest 7”?
BK: I engineered most everything in a friend’s studio in Dumbo over the course of three insane days where we did eleven songs total.  We knocked out all the basic tracking and vocals there and did some overdubbing in my basement.

What are your new tracks “Dead Again” and “Another Close Call” about?
MC: “Dead Again” is about the epochs in life and the space between them. I wrote this song about my most recent chapter which involved me and another recklessly falling in love with each other, WHICH RULED, but high highs tend to ebb into low lows and now I’m back in the space between: limbo.
ES: “Another Close Call” is about fucking up.  Uhhhh let’s see… it’s about umm trying not to fuck up as bad as the last time.  Getting better at fucking up less.

How did you come up with the band name “Giggly Boys?”
MC:Mike’s an idiot but we’re bigger idiots, so we went with his idiotic suggestion.
BK:It was already called that when I joined so WHATEVER I guess.

How did you all meet and start playing together as a band?
Everyone who has ever been in Giggly Boys worked at the same pizzeria. There was a certain type of crazy required to sustain a job at that joint then, so we fell naturally into playing together. Even with Bryan, he joined a few years ago but before that he was recording our albums so he’s been involved pretty much the whole time we’ve been a

If Giggly Boys was a Pokémon character, what would it be called and what would its power be?
BK: I’ve never heard of that.  Sounds delicious though.
ES: I asked my son who knows a lot about Pokémon.  He said that we would be the one that is hungover, fifteen minutes late to work in yesterday’s clothes with the rubber stamp from the club still on its hand.
MC: “Neverworkagainémon.” This character would have the power to generate resources by partying, hanging out and talking shit which would result in it never having to work a menial job again.
MZ: “Cokémon.”

Do the Giggly Boys have a favorite joke?
Collectively: Living.

What are your favorite current bands you’re listening to?
MC: New stuff from Dehd, Should’ve, The Caretaker, Fat White Family, Teen Body, and ShitKid.  That song “Shut Up” by Cheex.  And for like the seventeenth time I’m back on OCS’ 3 & 4.
BK: I’m listening to a lot of Weyes Blood, Chris Cohen, Aldous Harding, and Tim Hecker.  Still hooked on Frank Ocean’s Blonde and Total Control’s Typical System—kinda whatever though from years past. Mostly I listen to whatever these dudes force me to at 3:30am in our practice space too.
MC: Same.
ES: Ummm, hah… uhh Sick Thoughts, Guided by Voices… Pulp. That’s what I’m listening to now.
BK:I guess me too then.

If Giggly Boys had a perfume, what would it be called and what would it smell like?
MC: “Bryan’s Van.” It would smell like if Bambara and Giggly Boys were one person pissing through the hole in Bryan’s van’s floor.
BK: Yeah, that sounds right.  Don’t forget all the old food all my great friends never threw out when we were done using my expensive, classic wheels.
ES: “Nearly Forty Broke and Tired.”  Smells like it sounds.

If you guys could sit down with anyone (dead or alive) who would it be and what would you ask?
MC: Hunter S. Thompson: “You holdin’?”
BK: Just get me in a room with the late Buzz Aldrin: “So how’d ya do it, man?”
ES: I mean, yeah, I’d love to sit with Nixon: “Have you mixed those tapes yet?”

Check out Giggly Boys’ latest 7” below and catch them live at their upcoming Brooklyn shows:

May 22 – Gran Torinio (fka Diviera Drive) w/ Should’ve Present Tense
July 2 – Our Wicked Lady w/ Walton Howling & Wildly
August 16 – Ripper’s w/ TBA

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