Sounds: The Frownsss // Beesides

New Zealand two-man project The Frownsss release “Beesides,” a psych-rock track that is as distorted as it is radical.

Avant-garde recording techniques, 4 track tape machines, and early 60’s punk/pop influences embody The Frownsss. The two-man project, consisting of Dan Lean and Liam Eaton, formed in late 2018 through the artist-run collective Electric Possum Records.

A completely collaborative process in the studio has made no room for creative limitation as The Frownss jump from fuzzed out garage rock to psychedelic surf rock.

Their debut track features distorted guitar alongside California-sounding solo licks; as well as smooth keys and lullaby-like vocals. The 4 track tape machine technique makes “Beesides” sound nostalgic and dreamy.

The Frownsss feature vocal harmonies that are a fresh breeze; while their guitars burst through with manic energy like a frenzied rainstorm.

The group’s instrumentals are comparable to “Richard Hell and the Voidoids,” while their honey-suckle vocal pop hooks are reminiscent of bands such as “Swirlies” and “Cibo Matto.”

Make The Frownsss smile listen to “Beesides” now via the link beelow.

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