звуки x Гласность: Тело

No you aren’t on the dark web. No you haven’t gone crazy. Yes there is a chance I might say nyet on this post (that means no).

As Left Bank Magazines turns a new page in the great book of our journey, we have decided it’s time to make the site A LOT less American/Western. Which means that while Trump is trying to build a wall, Left Bank is over here taking them down.

I can’t pronounce this Moscow-based band name and won’t even try but here is an urgent dance track that should have it’s own genre — post-dance? — and I am DIGGING it.

Our planet is not tailored for happiness. Glasnost is a maximum transparency policy used in the music creation of Alexander Chiesa (Skverna, Homepage, Horseraddish) and Alina Vaulina (Angedemer); criminal mystery led out to the world. Useful where someone else’s guilt begins. Minimalistic keyboard, cold vocal. That’s it for now.

What I would do for just one day hanging out with this band. In the meantime, listen to Тело below.

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