Sounds x Mixtapes: Kristyn’s Dance Mix

This may not be Ibiza but I’ve got some tunes that will make you feel like you’re sat on a yacht in Ibiza town thanking god that the season hasn’t started yet.

Many of you may know that I founded this here site about five years ago, and for the most part it’s been a beautiful mix of post-punk, punk, shoegaze, and other indie rock genres that are too nuanced for me to get in to. But what you might not know is that I’m a huge fan of electronic and dance music — seriously. The first time I ever missed a flight, I was in Ibiza dancing with some new Canadian girls I met at my hostel at a place called Privilege. How was I supposed to know that they really meant the flight was leaving at 1 a.m. and not 1 p.m.?

Anyway, let’s throw it back to that moment and welcome the release of dance music officially on Left Bank. We may not be the next Dancing Astronaut but at least I can start sharing tracks that I bloody love without worrying if skate punks will like it (sorry Tom). Enjoy x


KLANGPLANET is the project of Munich-based songwriter/producer Frieder Mollat. He graduated college as a musicologist and over the years he has been writing music for several projects. This track “High” oozes with beach club vibes (here’s looking at you Ushuaïa), with a bit of funk and soul wrapped in it. 

KYTES “Alright”

Not entirely sure what is in the water in Munich and why I’m in NYC instead of Germany, but this track by Munich-based KYTES is literally the world.

“I shake my ass for you I bring the magic”

Can we just pause? That line is golden. And then the hook, and then the beat dropsm and is that a flute? Someone help me.

R. Ariel “Where U R”

Is indie-house or bedroom-house a genre yet? Because that is exactly what I feel like this new track from R. Ariel fits. It’s sexy, her vocals are angelic and the track is both soothing but without putting you to sleep. 10/10 in my book.

Jaguar Dreams “Behind Those Clothes”

We at Left Bank are huge fans of Jaguar Dreams and they just released this killer remix that had to be shared immediately.

“We feature lots of electronic elements in our songs, however, it’s amazing to see how these remixes will really allow our ideas to take on a new life in the dance world. We love both of these remixes so much because they remind us of what got us into dance music years ago.”

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