Sounds x White Owl Red: Existential Frontier

This track / album by White Owl Red couldn’t have come at a better time. While it is more indie folk/folk to the usual indie rock that we normally share, it’s definitely describing the present mood almost 100 percent.

The album kicks off with Existential Frontier, the title track, which after listening to this tune I could honestly end the album and listen to that on repeat. Have you ever listened to a folk or country song and been like, YES YOU REALLY GET ME.

And then, the obvious might be that, as a millennial we experience existential crises more often than any other generation. And that is scientific (I think).

If you are feeling broke, or overwhelmed, or unhappy, or stressed out by Brexit, or anything else, listen to this album (starting with my favorite track “Existential Frontier” or maybe its “Breaking Away”) below.

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