Sounds: Las Rosas//Idiot Heart

The Brooklyn musicians known as Las Rosas are the latest sonic powerhouse out of BK to bridge the gap between lo-fi psych-pop and garage roots-rock with a more polished, complex sound that retains its abrasive edge. Imagine a toy sword made of wood, and after several rounds of sanding with a magic eraser to your cool uncle’s record collection, you end up with a Strokes-themed cutlass that sings like Chris Issak after a chalice or two of absinthe. With the May 31 release of “Idiot Heart”, Las Rosas will be your next favorite cutting edge band, a perfect accompaniment for sailing fast and loose on the interstate in the mid-afternoon or early evening.

Las Rosas’ sophomore LP “Shadow By Your Side” featuring singles “Christa” and “Lost Cat”

On the new track, “Idiot Heart” turns garage psychrock into a well-produced B-side that pairs well with most in the genre new wave. The band, consisting of lead singer and guitarist Jose Boyer (signed with Matador Records), bassist Jose Aybar, guitarist Trevor Reece and drummer Christopher Lauderdale are well-schooled wizards in their craft, evoking whimsical yet thought-provoking images with their sound, delivered with intent recognizing space and time.

Their new EP released via NYC’s Greenway Records, Day Sleeper is due out momentarily, what is to be a surefire success in the United States and the next country on their release tour, the United Kingdom and Central Europe.

Frontman Boyer explains what he was feeling about the upcoming single off the record, “Idiot Heart.”

Las Rosas is Vocalist/guitarist Jose Boyer, bassist Jose Aybar, guitarist Trevor Reece and drummer Christopher Lauderdale

“I had a light-bulb moment where I realized I wasn’t over this hermit stage, and that the right thing to do was to stop seeing this person,” said Boyer. “It was that same day that she beat me to the punch. I think ‘Idiot Heart’ is about a sense of empowerment falling through your fingers.”

The track is set to release at their two New York shows this weekend at Broadway (5/30) and Union Pool (5/31).

Give in to the sound of Las Rosas below:

2019 Tour dates:

May 30th – Broadway, New York
May 31st – Union Pool, New York
June 5th – Paard van Troje, The Hague, The Netherlands
June 6th – V11, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
June 7th – Lepeltje Lepeltje, Amersfoort, The Netherlands
June 8th – Bossche Brouwers, Den Bosch, The Netherlands
June 9th – Gaellus Open Air Festival, Tienray, The Netherlands
June 10th – DIY Cafe, Lille, France
June 11th – Old Blue Last, London, UK
June 12th – Le McDaid’s, Le Havre, France
June 13th – Penny Lane, Rennes, France
June 14th – La point lafayette , Paris, France
June 15th – Le Trokson, Lyon, France
June 16th – Lido San Domenico, Lugano, Switzerland
June 18th – Monarch, Berlin, Germany
June 19th – Plan B, Malmö, Sweden
June 21st– Pumphuset Byhaven, Copenhagen, Denmark

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