Sounds: Moonlight Breakfast // Going Out

If you are hungry for something new, you might enjoy midnight spaghetti, or perhaps this Romanian aural experience project known as Moonlight Breakfast. This unprecedented blend of dream pop, disco deep cuts and 80s revival with a touch of neo-soul that takes you on a journey through colorful soundscapes and definitive points in time.

After two successful albums in the past years, the trio of Midnight Breakfast-ers celebrated the release of their third album “Affection” on May 17 featuring the dance-heavy single “Going Out.” It dances like disco, if disco didn’t die. The band is made of drummer, keyboardist and producer Bazooka, vocalist Christie on the sample pad, Adita on the keys and guitar. The troupe is completed by visual artist Dan Rusanescu, of Les Ateliers Nomad.

The focus of the band has always been on live performances, seeking to inspire at their concerts not only with their extraordinary music and stage presence, but also with a cutting-edge show using the latest technology in 3D-mapping. Their circle screens have become a trademark of the Moonlight Breakfast concerts, leaving every attendee hungry for more.

Their sound has landed them at the center of the international music scene, probably due to the fact that their first concert ever was in 2011 in front of 35,000 spectators, as an opening act for Jamiroquai. 

They have spent the last 8 years performing in Europe and building their ever-growing fan base around the world, returning just days ago to their hometown of Bucharest from promoting the 2019 AFFECTION tour.

What is hip? Practice saying the word “wow” and find out below:

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