Sounds: Tanglers // Tallboy

Fresh out of Vancouver comes TANGLERS, a project that sonically succeeds at integrating parts of indie folk into acid rock and psychedelic surf. After their recently-debuted full-length album Tangled in Time last month, the six-piece group released the video for their latest single, “Tallboy,” a wistful yet playful ode to all the outcasts out there.

“The foundational concept of the ‘Tallboy’ music video is a person who feels out of place and isolated from society,” said vocalist and guitarist Ross Macnab. “The character is struggling to get through a normal day, feeling like nothing is meant for them.”

The band is Andrew Noble (guitar); Ross Macnab (guitar, vocals); Matt Catellier (guitar, vocals); Michael Grohmann (keys); Cole Young (bass, vocals); and Luke Basso (drums). With classic indie textures, ambient retro vocals and a groovy rhythm section, TANGLERS moves past 90’s post-rock with their progressive sound that mirrors that of Wilco’s Yankee Hotel Foxtrot.

“Thinking long and hard about their place in the world and where they are going to end up, [Tallboy] also touches on the importance of human connection and the lack thereof at some points in life,” Macnab said.

Lose your inhibitions and stand tall with the TANGLERS’ “Tallboy” right here:

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