Sounds: Tiny Dolphin//Calm for Color

For those who appreciate music for the sake of the music itself (like that of many Radiohead fans) you might want to direct your attention to some smaller ‘weird fishes.’ Tiny Dolphin is the solo project of Alex Fisher, an American multi-instrumentalist indie-pop artist hailing from Austin, Texas.

Fisher’s most recent release, “Calm for Color” comes as an ambient surprise with a small pink cloud of melancholia, swirling with various hues of periwinkle and chartreuse that snakes around you like colored smoke. Even after the track ends, that grooving feeling still lingers. The first EP from Tiny Dolphin, The Sailor’s Wife, cites a diverse range of musical influences ranging from classical pianists and contemporary composers to American folk and British rock artists, expressing emotion with ease and focus.

“I think each song should express a feeling or moment as well as possible. I don’t necessarily worry about how the finished product fits in with the rest of their discography, or which genre the song would fit under,” Fisher explains. “Things like your voice, melody and lyrics will tie songs together sufficiently. I think only when you let artistic expression trump concern with consistency in your sound, you get albums that are incredibly interesting…”

With this approach, Tiny Dolphin stays under the waters of pop music, but avoids the rays of redundancy that usually claims the careers of commercial artists in their creative prime.

Catch a fin and ride Tiny Dolphin’s “Calm for Color” below:

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