Sounds x Premiere: Quiet Arches // Electric

Quiet Arches have been making a significant presence on the music scene this year, and we’re excited to showcase their latest single “Electric”. The London-based duo impressed us last month with “It Comes and Goes”; a track that hides no vulnerability in the form of a raw, stripped-back sonic experience. These guys are now back again, showing us the versatility of their artistic talent.

“Electric” takes a more euphoric nature, beginning with lo-fi guitar strums as an echoing piano keys in. As the track builds up in its depth, Henry Charles’ vocals grace us yet again with an inherently exposed character. Each breath adds ample charm each time it breaks, fades, and then re-enters with the right amount of subtle imperfections. These build up to result in a track so tantalising, you’ll find yourself repeating it time and time again to grasp the hidden pleasures that lie behind each note.

The culmination of this all is a song about the ecstatic feelings of being with someone. We’re captured by its electro-charged vibe stemming not just from its streamlined lyrics, but also its tone and flowing poppy hooks. Can you tell we love it?

Check it out below:

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