Sounds: Aura Zorba // Bitter Moon

Born and raised in Detroit, Portland-based Aura Zorba lingers deep in the roots of rock and roll. This new track “Bitter Moon” is deep and melodic — it’s the kind of track you listen to while lighting some incense and trolling through Tinder. Kidding on the last bit. This is totally a sex song.

Releasing their first DIY 45” record at 19, Tyler Grates (Aura Zorba) was already deeply invested in songwriting and musical technique as well as developing an image. Working on their debut EP and full length with legendary Detroit musician/engineer Jim Diamond(Dirtbombs, White Stripes) quickly achieved them a presence in the underground Detroit music scene.

Bitter Moon takes you on a sonic journey — helping you understand parts of yourself and life that until this point you weren’t able to understand. It’s soothing but not without complexities.

Simply put, Aura Zorba is one to watch.

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