Sounds: New tunes you will love

I’m sitting at the Hester Street Fair x Cultural Traffic going through submissions that artists probably thought would never see the light of day on Left Bank. Well, you’re in luck, because I’ve got a nice cozy hard metal chair, wifi, my puppy next to me, and 8 hours of sitting at this table.

And, also I just hate being noncommittal. So here I am committing to sharing your tunes on this gorgeous Sunday because, #leftbank.

Delagoon – Shimmering ft. Groovy Nickz

Sweden’s Delagoon is the indie rock band that you never realized you needed in your life. The track Shimmering, featuring Groovy Nickz is an upbeat love song (I think?) or maybe its a I wish we were still in love song. It’s simple and catchy and doesn’t try too hard, but within those 4 minutes you feel emotion that you’ve been dying to feel again.

Fanfickk – Pity Party

Laptop-wielding idealist Fanfickk is a New Zealand-based electropop star, world famous in her own house. And also mine. This track “Pity Party” also describes my life pretty perfectly, and if you are a fan of the Left Bank, there’s a chance that this track will hit close to home for you as well.

Yeah I’m throwing myself a pity party
At the top of the list is that I’ve got no money
I know they say that love is free
But what about some therapy

Enjoy x

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