Sounds: FARIDA // Last Waltz

Death, guilt, pleasure and vengeance are all parts of Swedish post-punk/doom-pop artist FARIDA‘s atmospheric yet macabre sound. Released in mid-May, “Last Waltz” is a haunting follow-up to 2018’s “Shoot,” a piece that may not be for the faint of heart or spirit.

FARIDA is Jenny Farida’s (vox, synths, noise) solo project backed up by Audionom members Pelle Backman (bass) and Paul Sigerhall (drums)and Mårten Holmberg (guitar/synth). Live, Jenny Farida tells emotional tales paled to that of Dante Aligheri’s seven circles of hell, with a nerve and presence that emulates each and every deadly sin from Inferno to Paradiso and everything in between.

FARIDA is a gothic and bewitching discharge of raw emotion and fervent manic-depressive energy. You might want to sit down before listening to “Last Waltz” right here: