Sounds: Buí // Something Else To Talk About

Belfast-based Buí have been making a significant mark on the Irish music scene of late. Formed two years ago, the collaborative project led by singer songwriter Josh Healy has seen a success of their first album “Eugene” in 2017, and are now out with their latest release.

“Something Else To Talk About” is a mellowed out melancholic track surrounded by deep basslines and 8-bit inspirations. The theme of displacement thrives throughout the overarching minor key melodies that share quiet grunge soundscapes and head-fuzzing noise hooks, which aim to take precedence against the fundamental vocals that quietly shine here. These sadly blissful aspects create a seemingly contrasting relationship with the subtle vocals of Josh Healy, who both hides in and out of these synonymized sounds yet also becoming the core effect of the track’s melancholy through sensitive self-reflective lyrics.

There’s something alluring about the introspective nature of this track and we can’t get enough of it.

Check it out down below:

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