Sounds: MIRRORS // Homesick

MIRRORS, real name Sean Goldie, is a Seattle-based music producer who just released a slick new single called “Homesick”. The billowing cream track is the perfect hot-song to let spin against a summer fling ending prematurely, or when you crave an ass-shake or two on dark night. Fuzzy, cutting synths, nestle right into the center of the channels, followed by a squelching Pac-man arpeggiators that bounce between the left and right. It’s an equal parts harsh and soft coupling that gives the production a satisfying auditory blend. The drum machines are like everything on this track, thick and groovy, providing the huge ass on this songs lower frequencies. Homesick’s poppy vocals are a whispery icing on a smooth, solid highway passing below.  “Homesick” comes off his 4-track self-titled EP which you should definitely play the rest of when you’ve taken this song off repeat.

Listen below:

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