Sounds: Pockets Of Lollipops // Lavender Canary

Likely esoteric and remarkably sublime, Pocket Of Lollipops are the transcendental duo hailing from Miami. Their music blurs the line between music and an experimental sound project. This therefore takes unto itself its own pocket universe where an agglomeration of sounds meld into a heap of distorted bliss.

A track from their latest album Be My Non​-​Friend Friend “Lavender Canary” is one such heap; fresh and oozing with the hot steam of sonic ecstasy. What begins as an indefinite gritty post-punk melody, Maitejosune Urrechaga’s dead-pan vocals lead us into a nonsensical head-spinning trance. This is then joined by Tony Kapel, whose vocals echo Maitejosune’s and hold a surge of cult-leader-like charisma.

Shake things upside down,

Turn it right side up,

Tilt your head backwards.

There’s a certain Guerilla Toss vibe coming from these guys, and that itches a very satisfying scratch. With a sound that shifts from post-punk, to mystic trance, to spoken-word, ad infinitum; Pocket of Lollipops have shown us that a lot can happen in a track that lasts just over two minutes.

Let yourself get lost in this mesmerizing soundscape down below:

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