Sounds x Video: Quarry // Everything And Its Opposite

All it takes is a little juxtaposition to show how surreal the 21st century can be seen as, and London-based Vittorio Tolomeo a.k.a. Quarry has given us a rather apt scope to view our phenomenal lived-in world via his latest single. The well-versed and remarkably talented musician has been making an impressive mark on the European music scene, currently marked by the release of his recent album Super Arcade. “Everything And Its Opposite” is a particular highlight of the album, having recently come out as a single, which we’re excited to share with you.

The track takes the guise of a groovy indie rock piece, presenting us with catchy riffs amplified over a very satisfying bassline. This, however, comes almost second to the surreal imagery rife in both the track and its impressive music video. We are presented with lines and lines of quite frankly very odd combinations of historical figures in modern-day situations. Ever wondered about Jesus waiting in a queue, or Gandhi opening a mall? If you haven’t, don’t worry because Quarry has thought of it for you.

Check out the video down below:  

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