Sounds: Stonefield // Far From Earth

words by Lara Faye

Australian psychedelic-rock luminaries Stonefield are sent from the goddesses to conquer the planet with new levels of female badassery. Four sisters hailing from rural Victoria (Australia), Amy, Hannah, Sarah and Holly have been playing together since 2006. Oh and did I mention bass guitarist Holly was just 8 when the band started playing together. What did I tell you? Total badassery.

But cast any notions of Jonas Brothers sibling cuteness from your mind. Stonefield are two parts rhythmic desert rock to one part immersive vocals that coil themselves around you, squeezing you tight in the vortex of their grasp.

From the opening chords of stand-out track Far From Earth you’ll find yourself transported to the red dusty core of an Australian desert. The sun is high in the sky and scorching against your skin, you’ve lost all sense of place and time but the rhythm defies you not to dance. Only when the last note fades do you notice that the sun has set and that you’re standing under a cloudless night sky, you’re still not free the trance but you don’t want to escape it. That’s when you realise that you’re hooked.

Like all good things, the Far From Earth EP is an experience best enjoyed when binged. Surrender to the experience and let it wash over you like a cosmic tide of a vocal harmonies blended together with faded synthesized sounds that leave you feeling like you’ve walked through a sepia toned portal into a psychedelic new world.

Lose yourself to the Stonefield vortex and stream Far From Earth here:

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