Sounds: Body Type // EP2

Words by Lara Fay

Introducing the latest EP from Sydney four-piece Body Type, EP2. Convention requires us to call it an EP, but EP2 is shaping up to be nothing if not a totally immersive sound experience. 

A sensual experience as rich and luscious as a summer night spent by the ocean, EP2 is an elemental clash of the delicate and the fierce, bathing you in the warm light of a pink sunrise before washing over you with the force of an ocean wave. 

The EP’s first single Stingray delivers the auditory equivalent of warm sand being poured on your body. Lyrics like  ‘Futility / Feelings fleetin’ / Don’t wait for them / Own your outcome’ flow over you like prose poetry. You could be fooled into thinking this is a new collection of poetry by Rupi Kaur sampled to the sounds of etherial guitars. 

Sophie, Annabel, Georgia and Cecil have been playing together since 2016 before releasing their eponymous debut EP in 2018. These years of connection are immediately palpable as their voices effortlessly flow together to cloak you in a sound experience so intricately woven that it has an almost hallucinogenic quality to it. 

That signature hallucinogenic sound pairs to perfection with a set of pleasantly surreal themes. Described as ‘an ode to old world TV viewing before streaming came along’ latest single Free To Air packs all the surrealist humour of an episode of Mighty Boosh alongside the band’s signature soul-massaging dreamy vocals. A powerful pairing indeed. 

Immerse yourself in the new sound of your summer nights & stream Stingray here:

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