Sounds: HMS Ash // Tarot

HMS Ash, a bedroom indie-rock band based out of Adelaide, Australia, recently dropped a chill vibey number that will move your eyes toward the ceiling and get you thinking about your life. The fourth track off their debut album, Songs for Sinking, titled “Tarot” is a self-described experimental piece about validating the way people feel after experiencing trauma.

With lo-fi sounds like that of Modest Mouse or Mac DeMarco, the three-man band is made up out of Rory Hellwig (vocals, guitar, tape loops), Thomas Fenner (bass, backing vocals, synth) and Axel Heinrich (drums, backing vocals), as well as featuring accompanying artists on trumpet and clarinet. From humble beginnings in high school (known then as the Bad Boy Teenager Club, and gigging as Mum Said Yes) they shifted gears and started focusing on an organized release. It was then they rebranded as HMS Ash and worked at a winery while writing and recording Songs for Sinking out of their living room.

The trio describes “Tarot” as a “bopping and grooving song about the being with someone else while your whole personality is shifting.”

Already writing their next album, HMS Ash is planning to record an album in the second half of 2019.

Climb aboard the HMS Ash below:

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