Sounds x Interview: Puddle Splasher

We had the opportunity to chat with the v. cool Brooklyn-based band Puddle Splasher. Things could be worse in life. Get to know the guys below x

First off, your name is super interesting, how on earth did you land on it?

It comes from a Cap’n Jazz song. That was what we listened to in high school (when the band started) so it felt right at the time. Picking a name might be the hardest part about being in a band haha.

Are you all originally from New York or do you hail from someplace unmentionable? (I’m from the Midwest, maybe I’m projecting)

We’re from northern New Jersey. I’m personally from Mahwah NJ. We’ve been living in Brooklyn for about a year…we get asked all the time to do shows in Jersey and end up saying no because the commute is so far…especially without a car. So I’ve been trying to get the message out that we’re in Brooklyn now!!


How would you describe your music? Alternatively are there any words or genres you hate when people associate with you?

When people ask I usually say “somewhere between Weezer and Radiohead.” People almost always know one of those 2 bands, so that usually gets the idea across…I don’t really know though. Definitely in the indie rock arena. And at this point there aren’t any labels/genres that bother me. As long as people say positive stuff I’m content haha

So, what’s your idea of success?

Being in a place where I have the money and time to carry out my aspirations … musical and otherwise.

Do you have a day job, if so what?

Yeah, I’m a software engineer for a bank

Have your parents listened to your music yet, or been to a show?

Yeah, my mom supports the band big time. She’s always the first to buy merch and comes to a lot of shows. She’s so cool:

Any funny show or studio stories worth sharing?

Nothing specific. The whole time it’s pretty funny, especially in the studio. When the manic energy is at its peak we get wild and crazy. Clothes sometimes become optional…

Anything big coming up that you’d like to mention?

We’ve got 2 tours coming up, one in July and one in August. Come see a show if we’re playing your city! Also we have a few music videos and animated stuff lined up. Really exciting!

7/19 Lowell, MA @ McSpanky’s (house)

7/20 Manchester, NH @ Worlds End (house)

7/21 Middletown, CT @ MAC650

Finally, if Puddle Splasher could play anywhere in the world, where would you and why?

Japan would be cool. I haven’t heard a bad thing about that place yet.

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