Sounds x Vola Tila: Turn Back Time

It’s possible you’ve already heard the work of Swedish producers Johannes Henriksson and Richard Andersson, having recently written and produced singles for US electronica outfit Passion Pit. But, make no mistake — Vola Tila is a completely different beast.

“Although it can be fun to work with other artists and help them find what they’re looking for, with Vola Tila we can truly be ourselves, and express something completely different. Something much closer to our own hearts. Vola Tila is a cure to our burnt out souls. It works better than any barbiturates we’ve tried, which is quite a few.”

Formed in 2018, the project became the pairs main focus, allowing them to create the music they craved to make as well as being an escape from the algorithm-driven pop music they’ve been involved in writing and producing for several years.

Their new track “Turn Back Time” — off of Vola Tila’s debut EP Personality Apocalypse — is the dream pop track you didn’t realize you needed in your playlist.

Listen to the tune below.

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