Sounds: Zuli // ur mistaken

I’m a firm believer that, more often than not, less is more. I prefer to write 250 words than 2,500. I take comfort in only having a bed, dresser, and desk in my bedroom. Robert Ryman makes me sit and stare and feel things I don’t from other artists. In that spirit of minimalism, Zuli made a truly spectacular video.

Ryan Camenzuli opens “ur mistaken” with a delicate melody, a little piano and snare, and a shot of an unnamed antique GT. The driver suffers in quiet distress as Zuli laments about a past, very one-sided, relationship.

“I’m used to you using me…”

Slowly and subtly other instruments fade in — a plucky guitar riffs, light distortion warps the vocals. Finally, in a crescendo that almost reminded me of Bon Iver’s “Woods,” the driver steps out of the car, looks at the sky, and screams.

Zuli seems to share the idea that less can be so, so much more. The lyrics are lightly and pleasantly repetitive. The instruments are understated. The video tells a story of a frustrated man who’s finally finished moving someone who doesn’t love him in return . . . with one, basic, continuous shot. All-in-all, it’s an indie masterpiece.

See it below:


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