Sounds: Bianca//tillsvidare del 1

Although the lyrics are in another language, the latest from Swedish band Bianca is an angsty indie-rock disquieted storm of emotions titled “tillsvidare del 1” (which literally translates to “until part 1”) that moves in and out of space with The Cure’s Robert Smith-like vocals and dynamic instrumentals akin to that of Swedish U2.

The band says that “tillsvidare del 1” is about the “violent and fragmenting sensation of falling in and out of love.” Dynamics make the sound for Bianca, as their musical presence hits the ears softly and lingers like smoke on a cloudy day.

The track “tillsvidare del 1” comes as a follow-up to the recently-dropped song “solen”, continuing the band’s aforementioned mantra of: “angst, angst, angst, drums and bass.”

Listen to Bianca right here:

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