Sounds: Blood Cultures // Best For You

The enigmatic New Jersey-based Blood Cultures have broken their multi-year silence to provide us with their latest single “Best For You”: a teaser of what’s to come from their upcoming album Oh Uncertainty! A Universe Despairs. Having seen success from their 2017 album Happy Birthday, they have taken some considerable time to reflect and develop during their break.

“Best For You” is a remarkably pleasing track marking their return. We’re straight away given a strong exposition characterized by a dreamy synth that pops throughout the track with ear-pleasing bliss. As it continues onward, hazy vocals swim though this vivid sonic landscape with a balanced amount of bedroom pop vibes as to suit an array of feelings and settings.

Blood Cultures have captured that ever so important aspect of songwriting that marks the current age of the music scene. Its blend of dream pop, catchy hooks, and the lethargy of bedroom lo-fi become a perfect soundtrack for most activities of waking life.

You can check it out down below:

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