Sounds: bodyimage // Choke

A bird died on my fire escape in the early morning, or so I thought at 4 am when I watched as my dog tapped at the window and the bird made little to no movements. I woke up this morning and the bird was gone — I was relieved; sometimes you can find your wings again.

This track by Los Angeles-based bodyimage is reminiscent of Billie Eilish for lack of a better comparison, and not intentionally trying to sound like every other blog is want to compare every dark and atmospheric track with whispering lyrics as a ‘Billie Eilish-reminiscent track’.

Let’s call it Billie Eilish adjacent.

It’s deep and moody and repressive at times, and also honest and sexy and slightly deranged; it’s beautiful. It’s the kind of track you listen to in a shower as you get ready to go out with that GGG match from Tinder.

Have fun — whatever you get up to doing this Friday — and listen to the new tune from bodyimage below.

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