Sounds: sharkswimmer // A Strange Set of Teeth

Brookyn-band (and our faves) sharkswimmer have released this absolute banger of a track, “A Strange Set of Teeth” from their recently-released debut EP.

What I love about this track (well there’s a lot that I love), but the thing that I love the most is how versatile it is. A lot of music coming out of Brooklyn is starting to sound the same, or at least blend from one band to the other, but this new track from sharkswimmer is not only original, but also wildly versatile. We listen to A LOT of music each day — on a slow day around 100 submissions — and if I sat down to play “A Strange Set of Teeth” and didn’t know the band name, I would have guessed they were coming out of the Bay Area, or Philly, or DC, or perhaps even Melbourne. Or Brooklyn.

In the present landscape of music/the music industry, it’s really nice to meet a band that has an undeniable Brooklyn sound but isnt afraid to make it their own; to stand out. To say, sharkswimmer is a Brooklyn band, but that isn’t all that they are. And I love that.

See what I mean by listening to “A Strange Set of Teeth” below and catch them July 7 with my absolute favorite band of the moment, Taciturn, along with the buds Trash TV and CUP.

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