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Sounds: TV People // Healthier Days

It is a known fact that Dublin is at the top of the music scene right now (arguably for a while) and we couldn’t be more thrilled to share this track from Dublin-based 4-piece garage band, TV People.

Formed this year, the band incorporates dueling vocals from Paul Donohoe (lead guitar) and Len Rochford (rhythm guitar) with the jazz-inspired drums of Brendan Clarke and funky bass riffs of Rob Kavanagh. Their new tune “Healthier Days” is the ultimate prom track — I kind of wish there were proms for adults, just so that they could play and I could cry, and pretend I had feelings.

Their new tune is centered around themes of disillusionment and boredom with the conventional Irish social scene and lifestyle that people experience in their twenties. The track expresses nostalgia for the exciting and fun times people experience growing up, and then progresses to a point of optimism and hope about the future (with the knowledge that you can return to a positive and fulfilling path if you make the right choices.)

Listen to the new tune below:

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