The Dirty Clergy

Sounds x Premiere: The Dirty Clergy

Everyone stop what you are doing — we have a Friday premiere featuring “Trials” from Winfield, Alabama band The Dirty Clergy.

Made up of singer/songwriter/guitarist Brian Manasco, bassist Ky Carter, and drummer Cody Moorehead, The Dirty Clergy brings forth vocals that are heavy with sadness and heartbreak but thanks to the rhythm section, the track also becomes really damn catchy at the same time.

“Trials” is the first release off of their 3rd full-length album In Waves — which is their follow up from their 2016 album Rattlesnake. The track makes me want to cry and dance at the same time — which I think is a good thing?

I find myself writing about mistakes and regrets in life. Not necessarily my own, but putting myself in a situation to write a song about a particular thing. ‘Trials’ is one of those songs. It’s about being uncertain, about giving up, about continuing, about not knowing, but wanting to know. Just get to the point, you know? Today is all we have. Stop wasting time.

In Waves features songs about loss, heartbreak, and even getting a little politically motivated with “Homesick”, a song Manasco wrote about the Parkland school shooting.

With pop and rap artists at the top of the charts, a lot of rock acts are getting lost in the shuffle admittedly. And while The Dirty Clergy may not be at the top of Billboard 100 (hopefully they will someday), we can say that they are doing their part to keep pieces of the rock genre alive — and for that we give them lots and lots of respect.

Listen to “Trials” below xx

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