Sounds x Premiere: Weston Smith // Crystal Kingdom

Have you ever started listening to a track or watching a music video and just started stupid smiling because you instantly connect with it/love it so much?

Welcome to the Crystal Kingdom.

“The Crystal Kingdom is a realm dividing true happiness from loneliness, a place I thought I’d never make my way into, a place that would continuously tease me until I disappeared forever.”

Directed and edited by Jarett Loeffler, and starring Weston Smith and Brent Demirkan, this video is as weird as it gets — and it couldn’t be better. I want to spend hours inside of Weston’s head, so I can get a glimmer of an idea of his insight, and creativity, and magic. You have artists//bands who seemingly rinse and repeat what’s new and popular, and do a take on it and make it “their own” … and then you have Weston Smith, someone who exists so far from the mediocrity of the music industry that they exist in a plane all by themselves.

That’s what kind of music Left Bank wants to unearth — tracks and videos with awesome eye-makeup and catchy vocals that are so visually and aurally engaging that you feel like you’re tripping balls, and can’t decide if it’s them or you that’s insane. And then you realize, you’re both insane. And, that’s kind of the dream.

Without further ado, enter Weston’s world by watching the video for “Crystal Kingdom” below.

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