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Sounds x Premiere: Wildfront // Space Beside You

Happy Friday everyone on the Left Bank! The absolutely incredible Nashville-based Wildfront has just released “Space Beside You” and you lot are the first to hear it.

At times moody & introspective and others, carefree and hopeful, Josephine’s lyrics navigate the choppy waters of lust, love & loss with self-awareness and an eye for detail.

Blending bright synths and catchy hooks with hauntingly heartfelt lyrics, this new track creates a dark atmosphere of longing wrapped in an indie pop track that is reminiscent of something you would have heard while watching Girls. I imagine this tune playing during a scene in which Marnie sleeps with yet another awful guy or Lena’s character does another awful but “insightful” action that she was want to do. The track (not the show) is upbeat and sad, fun and dynamic — proving that the two behind Wildfront are able to craft the perfect indie pop track.

It’s the perfect track for getting drunk and dancing by yourself or drunk texting your ex. Or both.

Listen to the brand new tune here and enjoy your Friday x

Original artwork by Tina Jacqueline Moore

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