Sounds: Day Joy // Not Anymore

Slowing it down just a tad with this prom-esque track from Orlando-based Day Joy. Despite the fact that it’s super sad, it’s got such a gorgeous ring to it, someone should play this at their wedding. Unless you think that’s a bad premonitory suggestion, and then actually, maybe just don’t do that.

“I started making sad sleepy music as DAY JOY in 2013 in response to my, then partner’s, episodic NIGHT TERRORS. You could say the artistic goal back then was to make the musical opposite of someone screaming in a dark room. After receiving a considerable critical response to those early recordings, I eventually compiled a full-length debut LP and signed with Small Plates Records.

He assembled a live band a few years back and embarked on a national tour, which was halted when his younger brother suddenly passed away and he could no longer focus on the project.

It’s taken me a while to pick up the pieces and the album chronicling the past 5 years is expectedly dark. However, I do think those who have been to the brink will find some value in the lyrics and peace in the instrumentation. At least, that is my goal.

Godspeed Day Joy and so incredibly sorry for your loss. Left Bankers, listen to the gorgeous track “Not Anymore” below xx

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