Sounds: Imperial Daze // People Are Animals

Taken from London psych-pop band Imperial Daze, “People Are Animals” explains everything that I feel about New York City — and certain friendships — on a regular basis.

How this band came together is kind of crazy, so before we jump into the music, can I just say that the Peckham-based quartet started as a 3-piece studio project and decided to build a recording studio together in 2014 with the intention of making music for advertising under the company name of AudioCommune — following Alex’s previous band being placed in a Sony PS4 advert which brought in enough money to set up a recording hub in the basement of an industrial old warehouse building in Battersea.

Seriously that actually happens?

Getting a call for AudioCommune to score an advert for a large ice cream brand, they land the job, get the paycheck and with the extra help of a successful crowdfunding campaign they manage to gather enough money to build from scratch what is now called The Electric Eel Recording studio (the freezer was previously used to store eels) by Tower Bridge, London.

Here it is ladies a gentlemen, a very own success story (and a really awesome track)

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