Sounds x Playlist: Le Weekend

It’s been a hell of a week, and not for any particular reason — it’s just felt long. Paris is experiencing a heatwave, Berlin is experiencing a heatwave, New York is just perpetually hot. Not sure if this playlist will combat feelings of angst, sleepless nights, mosquito-bitten bodies, and endless scrolling on dating apps out of sheer boredom, but what the hell, here’s our weekend playlist. Cuz, ITS THE WEEKEND.

And, seriously, we earned this moment.

“I’d like to kiss you but I just washed my hair.”

Oli Hannaford – “If You Wanna’” ft. Only Girl

Featuring the most awesome and nostalgic samples, this dance track is so Ministry of Sound it hurts. With James Blake vibes throughout, “If You Wanna’” is the house track you need as you’re getting up this Saturday morning and preparing for whatever awesomeness abounds.

Camp Candle – “NRT”

Here’s your brunch pregame with this new track from Philly’s Camp Candle. The track is everything you want in a shoegaze/bedroom pop tune from two people who are undeniably cooler than I will ever be. Hopefully through aural osmosis some of that coolness can come over to me before the weekend is up.

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