Sounds: Story of Luc // Go On

I’ve done the incomparable Story of Luc a huge disservice: their single “Go On” has been on multiple playlists of mine for months, yet I’ve neglected to write them a proper review. Deepest apologies, lads.

“Go On” is a downtempo ballad for the ages. Synthed vocals and clean, minimal instruments paint the picture of someone alone in their bedroom on a late, solitary night. If you’ve read anything reviewed by me before, you know I have an affinity for the delicious loneliness of bedroom music.

The simplicity of downtempo bedroom music is really what strikes me — how a musician or two can craft intricate feelings and relatable memories with basic melodies and a few electric instruments. There is something deeply satisfying about hearing a song that reminds me that others are feeling exactly what I’m feeling. Bedroom music isn’t as solitary as we thought.

Hear it below:


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