Sounds x Premiere: Royal Stud // Ready As I’ll Ever B

Disco is dead, as it should be. It was a weird, drug fueled pop culture that produced mediocre music and bad haircuts. But from the corpse of disco grew a variety of interesting, pop/electronic dance music that took over the late night club scene. Royal Stud offers their own take on the post-disco movement with this new, psychedelic track.

Self-described as sex pop, “Ready As I’ll Ever B” is a heavy, sliding bass line, buzzing guitar, and major-synthed vocals that fuse into a fervor of movement. I hear countless songs trying to accomplish the same thing — artists create tracks that make you want to do drugs. But, every once and a while, a song makes it feel like you’re actually on drugs.

I was actually thinking “hey, what ever happened to 80s dance music?” when this song was sent to me. Immediately my brain responded, “oh. This happened to it.” Royal Stud is the next step in the evolution of the late night groove. Don’t @ me.

Hear it below:


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