Sounds x Premiere: Colatura // Lying

I literally can’t describe how much I love Colatura. Like, I’ve got a real thing for them. Beyond just being some super rad people oozing with good vibes, they are also incredibly talented — they are another band that has come on the Brooklyn scene quickly, and you can tell that they will have some real staying power.

The New York City-based 4-piece indie band is what happens when an indie rock guitarist who had been playing in the Brooklyn DIY scene met a former child opera singer and classically trained pianist and they discovered that they had unexpected killer musical chemistry. Can’t make this shit up. New York City, y’all.

Their new tune “Lying” is everything you want from a summer day. It’s the essence of Colatura in two and a half minutes. Your ears are getting a hug, your mind is like “fuck yeah, these lyrics make sense to me,” and your heart is still caught on a Tinder fling from last summer because, nostalgia.

Lying came out of our struggle to understand the ways we connect in this era. Creating fake online lives to hide our loneliness and disconnection from everyone else. We are all lying in some ways. The question we tried to ask in this song is it to our benefit or demise. 

If you’re sick of people only telling one side of the story and lying to themselves, then give this new tune a listen. It’ll make you think a little deeper about the interactions you’re having — or starting — and frankly, we could all be a little more self-aware about our relationships and the depth (or lack thereof) that they carry. Shoutout to my girl Isobel for doing the single cover art, and for Colatura for letting us premiere this winner of a track.

Listen to it here xx and catch them tomorrow at Sunnyvale with my buds Noir Party, Lily Mao, Extra Special, and Shadow Monster (or, you can catch Colatura at our Summer Fête next weekend).

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