Sounds: Oakrest // In Your Head

God dammit I love pop punk. It started in middle school: my 8th grade girlfriend gave me “A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out” and The “Black Parade.” My love escalated quickly from there. My first concert was Blink-182, then Paramore shortly after. My young teenaged heart ached for the angst and emotion and rebellion of it all. F*CK you, Mom! It isn’t a phase!! Fortunately, I did grow up to be a relatively well-adjusted adult. Even more fortunately, pop punk definitely wasn’t a phase.

Oakrest‘s “In Your Head” is premium, high octane, weapons grade pop punk. Guitars crunch and voices wail while someone goes absolutely HAM on the drum kit. Their style harkens back to the good ole days drinking Miller High Life 40s and listening to Sum 41 and Alkaline Trio. “In Your Head” is the sound living, rather than just being alive.

Death waits for no one, so you better be ready.

So today I’m going to crank up my speakers and live. Time to go outside.

Hear it below:


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