Sounds x Mixtape: Doctor Zoddity // Bastille Day

Happy Bastille Day, Left Bank’ers! You may have guessed it — but weren’t quite sure — but this site is indeed inspired by the Left Bank in Paris. It was a romantic time of art, and literature, and creation, and I wanted to keep that alive in the modern/present day.

My friends are behind the incredible Doctor Zoddity radio show/podcast — I’ve seen them pour over crates searching for the perfect 1960’s garage rock, Monster rock, rockabilly, sleaze, popcorn, UK freakbeat, northern soul, surf, and other weirdness. And, today we are blessed with the best of France: a Doctor Zoddity playlist of absolutely killer French songs.

If you’re anything like me and obsess over fromage, baguettes, and French film, you will love this playlist. Vive la France, friends.

Follow along on the Doctor Zoddity Mixcloud for new shows (seriously, it’s ze best).

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