Sounds: Blue Amber // Hinterland Girls

Since the release of Blue Amber’s EP The Blue Amber earlier this year, we’ve been anticipating hearing more from the experimental Cardiff-based project. It is clear they have given themselves ample time to focus on and refine their sound after their initial foray in the music scene. Their newest single displays a clear consciousness of what way they want to approach their music, with stark confidence.

Having been birthed from a series of sessions recorded at the University of South Wales, ‘Hinterland Girls’ takes from its prior projects and develops upon ambient-verging soundscapes, but also through thought-provoking lyric writing. The track begins with an ethereal zephyr of subtle wailing which establishes itself as the primary motif, underlying the track’s entirety and causes as sense of lulling hypnotizing for the listener. We are then graced with Andrew Noel’s strong vocals which provoke myriad images through countless literary references, cutting societal criticisms, all encapsulated in a Wasteland-esque journey. His delivery of these lines abound in confidence and matches its content with an almost sneering critical veracity.

My heart of darkness soaked up by pages
Reading drink dregs for pop culture references
From nine till two it’s an epic poem
Under artificial stars on the way home

A track with so many pockets of references most surely opens itself up to a variety of avenues to explore and ponder over, listen after evermore intense listen. If you are a recent graduate, all the better, for one of the more alluring themes of Blue Amber’s music is their affinity with outlining the woes and joys of the 20-something lifestyle, unvarnished.

You can check it out down below:

Hinterland Girls by Blue Amber
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