Sounds: The Dreamland Fire // Aloof

My “weekends” are happening at stranger and stranger times. I work whenever I can get a shift, write a new article, walk a dog, so sometimes my only day off is a random Tuesday. It makes taking a little me-time even more essential.

Today is one of those days off, so I grabbed my fat 9.1″ skateboard and started pushing around the park. When a particularly nice gust of wind hit my face, I remembered The Dreamland Fire.

“Aloof” is an indie ballad as the gods intended. It’s sad and breezy, with lyrics that make you comfortably lonely. It pulls me out of Sunset Park and puts me anywhere and nowhere. I’m me and I’m not anyone, just a body enjoying a moment of peace as I carve back and forth over fresh asphalt paths. After a week of great emotional effort, it’s nice to be empty and just experience a moment for once — music in my ears, phone on silent, just worrying about where my toes are pointing.

I didn’t realize how bad I needed a moment until I got one. I suggest you try and do the same.

Hear it below:


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