Left Bank Summer Fête

The best damn festival you’ve ever gone to.

Your mom


Atlas Engine

Atlas Engine is an indie/dream rock band formed by Nick LaFalce. They now operate as a full band and have been building its presence throughout NYC and Brooklyn, and gaining features from Spotify’s “Fresh Finds” and Pandora’s “Today’s Indie” playlists and praise from taste-makers such as The Wild Honey Pie, New Noise Magazine, & The Deli’s “Emerging Artists” list.

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Been Stellar

NYC-based indie rock band that makes music nostalgic of our childhood. Hello, sweet angst, I’ve (not) missed you. – Kristyn Potter

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Cathedral Bells

Cathedral Bells is the project of Matthew Messore. After traveling across the country, Messore returned to his hometown and began working on home recordings. Releasing their first single in August of 2018 and debut self titled EP on February 1st, 2019 through the New York based record label Good Eye Records

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Colatura is a 4-piece indie band based out of New York City and is what resulted when an indie rock guitarist who had been playing in the Brooklyn DIY scene met a former child opera singer and classically trained pianist and they discovered that they had unexpected, killer musical chemistry.

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Current Ex

Currently (ha), Peter Ingles of Robot Princess is playing drums, Charles Mansfield is playing bass, Joanna Kelly on guitar and vox, and Babs Laco is making her keyboard debut. They create songs for when you want to cry on the inside and dance on the outside.

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Deaf Poets

Deaf Poets are an American garage/alternative rock duo formed in Miami Beach, FL. The band consists of Sean Wouters (Lead Vocals/Guitar) and Nico Espinosa (Vocals/Percussion). Their music is the embodiment of hard-hitting drums with distortion-soaked guitars.

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Elana Low

Witchy singer-songwriter with a heavy harmonium and a slightly lighter heart. Is still getting used to loop pedals.

She played Left Bank’s Women and Non-binary musician showcase and blew everyone away with her voice and that harmonium. Not to be missed.

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Flangr is Joaquín Macaya, Lucas Tormo and Alfonso Palma from Santiago, Chile. Their vibrant proposal influenced by dances, trap beats, pop synthesizers, melodic guitars and powerful drums reflected on “Krstal Wves” got the attention of the youth, allowing them to perform national shows, as well as tour internationally, with the members being only 19 years old.

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Henry Something

San francisco x new york band that is all kinds of dream pop vibes.

henry (imagined) + sardine sandwiches (real) = henry something.

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Holy Wisdom

A black darkwave/punk outfit based out Brooklyn, N.Y.C. “The road of excess leads to the palace of Holy Wisdom LLC.” †

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Hot Knives

Homegrown in Bushwick, steeped in the rarefied air of glue factories, HOT KNIVES is a project of musical stitching: faded patterns of analog psychedelia // punk stewing in the Bowery since 1984, feeding crocodiles // the funk that departed on the Mothership, still beaming messages of hope to those who can pick up its signals. HOT KNIVES translates this new-old wisdom for our struggling world.

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Kung Fu Crimewave

Anti-folk, regressive rock family band from New York.

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Lily Mao

Singer/Guitarist from the mean streets of PA. Frequent music writer and columnist for Left Bank Magazine and High Street Disco.

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