Sounds: Strange Neighbors // How to Human

Today is the day! Our buds released How to Human on Soundcloud and Spotify, and honestly this just makes everything about today so much better.

We’ve worked so hard these last months. We welcomed our newest, foxiest member Dana, pour our souls and some other fluids into these songs, and we’ve been gigging and connecting with amazing people all along the way. We hope you dig How to Human tomorrow. We hope you add it to your playlists, and listen on subways, and show your friends on the beach, and we wanna feel connected to you for each of those on average 3:32 seconds (roughly estimate). Tell us what you think. What you liked. What you hated. What’s in your head. Special thanks @thebunkerrecordings for recording mixing mastering and keeping us sane.

Read the interview they did with us and listen to the new album below xx

Catch them at their album release at The Bitter End, this Saturday.

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