Sounds: Can You Dig It? // Death Mama

Well, it’s been a while, Left Bank, but I’m back, this time with a killer quartet that’ll leave you shaking in a dusty pair of white snakeskin boots. 

Atlanta’s gritty psychedelic-rock group Death Mama has been little more than a whisper passed between drinks at a dive bar until now. Bursting out of the shadows with a howl of ecstasy, the band dropped their lead single, “Can You Dig It?” with the foreboding allure of a long-awaited Quentin Tarantino film. After rising from the ashes of a former incarnation and using the remains as fuel for a deadly fire, Death Mama — made up of lead singer Thomas Wainwright, guitarist Nick Magliochetti, bassist Brandon Witcher, and drummer TJ Nickerson — has reinvented the idea of psychedelic rock, twisting it with the often overlooked but purveying darkness of the 60s. 

“Can You Dig It?” wastes no time with the attack, fangs bared and talons dripping with its last kill. It’s fuzzy and gritty and driving, vocals yelping and slurring like an irreverent drunkard while the rhythm section grinds forward. The track is a sonic assault, crashing through the speakers and holding no punches as it takes down victim after victim. 

The only question? 

Can you dig it?”

Check out Death Mama’s harbinger of doom here: 

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