Sounds x Premiere: Slow Glows // Spiderland

The song conveys the relatable frustration of emotions that hold conflicting implications … As in, even your dreams become tainted with the things that are heavy on your mind.

I’m beyond stoked to premiere this video today from Cincinnati-based shoegaze band Slow Glows. It feels like most of the music I listen to these days is shoegaze, and while I love discovering new bands, it feels like sometimes its the same sound/idea/vibe after another — just with new faces.

That’s not how it is with Slow Glows. Inspired by classic psychedelic rock and mellow 90s indie classics, Slow Glows keep things really dreamy with an abundance of hazy – yet memorable – melodies, and vocals that give me goosebumps. Kelli Redding (guitar/vocals) is a musical Aphrodite in the flesh. Praise be.

“We chose Spiderland to be the first single from our upcoming full-length album because, well, for a lot of new music it’s easy to say, “this sounds like such-and-such,” or, “this band is going for this specific sound,” but Spiderland is a song we feel doesn’t really sound like anyone else but us. We are just trying to be ourselves.” -Kelli Redding

The video is a dreamy, psychedelic acid- trip (the good ones), and a collaboration between Kelly and Nickolas Higginson.

Slow Glows is set to release their debut LP “Stargaze Rock n Roll” on August 24th on local label Rose Hill Records before embarking on a European tour in the fall. 

Watch the awesome video, and listen to this super infectious track below x

Photo credit – Ivory Jane Hilvert

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